Full Automatic Sweet Potato Starch Making Machine

Full Automatic Sweet Potato Starch Making Machine
  • MOQ: 1 Set/Sets
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month Set/Sets Per Month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


The full automatic sweet potato starch making machine inclueds remove stone—washing-- steam peeling-- dry brush peeling-- sorting and pruning--slicing--blanching and cooling-- cooking and mashing—transport—unifying materials—making flakes—scraping--packing.

Washing &Crushing Section
potato, the material is sent to cage washer through scrape board to get the result of decontamination, cleaningand peeling .Then through a paddle-washing slot, material is sent to crash section.

Milling and grinding section
Grinding clean potato root into cassava slurry to make it easy dewatering and drying.

Concentrating Section
The crashed material is sent to centrifugal sieve through pump to extract starch and separate potato residues.Centrifugal sieve group are 4 or 5 stages, the front stages is to extract starch and the last stage is to dewater the potato  residues.

De-hydrating section  
Sending the fine slurry to dewatering machine to remove the moisture inside the slurry, and then send it to the air dryer.Compared with other starch, it is more suitable for potato starch to dewater by vacuum filter. Moisture content of dewatered starch is 38~40%.

Drying section
Drying the dewatered cassava flour in the air dryer to get dry product.


Technical Data

ITEM Name and model unit Quantity Power
First Clean machine
1 Water power convey groove      
2 Cleaning machine Ⅰ set 1 3
3 Cleaning machine Ⅱ Set 1 1.5
4 Potato cleaning convey machine set 1 3
Second Extraction and refining section
1 extrusion-milling machine
(making powder )
Set 1 30
2 Fine filter (latex)
Set 2 3
3 Starch micro-filtration machine Set 1 1
4 Desanding machine Set 1 3
5 Refined starch concentration system
Group 11 66.5
6 Automatic vacuum dryer
set 1 14
7 Conveyor set 1 3
8 Interim tank      
Third Dry section      
1 Air dryer Set 1 28
2 Radiator Set 1  
3 Starch screen Set 1  
4 Distribution Cabinet Set 1  
5 A ton of boiler Set 1  
Fourth Aid machine      
1 Power line      
2 Packing machine   1  
3 Pipelined and pump/motor      
4 Non-standard parts and other materials    


Q: How many sweet potato can get 1 T sweet potato starch ?
A: Thanks for your question friend. 3 T sweet potato starch can get 1 T sweet potato starch.

Q: If customer buy the starch line,how about the installing?
A: Yeah,we can arrange our technician to?come?to your country for setting the line, but you as the buyer has to pay for the air ticket fee, certificate fee, board and lodging fee. and the technician salary.

Q: Can you help us design the layout?
A: Sure,if you have the factory already,just let us know your factory size,such as the length,width and height. if you don't have the factory,we will give you our design layout for your reference.