Commercial Cassava Starch Making Machine Manufacturer

Commercial Cassava Starch Making Machine Manufacturer
  • MOQ: 1 Set/Sets
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets Per Month Set/Sets Per Month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


1.The cassava starch making machine adopt Europe advanced design concepts, do not need special tools can discharged clamper of saw balde, simple operation, handling and rapid;
2.High-intensity  roller of rasper, special materials, in high-speed, heavy-duty not under deformation and ensure production safety;
3. The cassava starch making machine also adopt international advanced high precision cutting  line to  gutter of roll to ensure that every dimension of precision;
4.High-speed rotation, the line speed of more than 96 m / s, broken cell completely and could fully extract useful components without waste; Removable  sieve plate, easily cleaned to ensure that the best materials through rate;
5.Sweden imports SKF heavy loads bearing , Germany OPITE powerful conveyor belt to ensure a smooth high-speed operation;  Motor domestic brands (the choice of  Siemens Motor), adjustable motor Guide.

Technical Data

Cassava Starch Making Machine  with capacity 500kg/h
Serial number Machine name model quantity note
1 Cage model cleaning machine LG-4000*800 1set 3kw    carbon steel material
2 Automatical feeding model cleaning machine LG-500*3700 1set 3KW  carbon steel material
3 Hammer Crusher LG-520C 1set 18.5kw   carbon steel material
Capacity: 3-4t/h (cassava)
4 Cylinder separating machine LG-450B 3sets 4kw*3=12kw,carbon steel material
5 Litter cleaning machine LG-CX-4 1set 2.2kw stainless steel     
6 conveyor LG-380*4000   2sets 2.2KW carbon steel material
7 Rotation flowing model separating machine  LG-1 1 group 35KW  carbon steel material
8 Vacuum Dewatering machine LG-TS-C 1set 15KW filtering area: 12 m2
9 Drying machine LG-B 1 group 25kw,carbon steel material
Coal consuming:30KG/h 


FAQ: About the starch machine,which country did your company export before?
answer:Cambioda Tanzania Nigeria and so on.

FAQ: If customer buy the starch line,how about the installing?
Answer :Yeah,we can arrange our technician to?come?to your country for setting the line, but you as the buyer has to pay for the air ticket fee, certificate fee, board and lodging fee. and the technician salary.

FAQ:. Which kind of ceritifact can you supply?
Answer :CE ISO90001